Fees 2024

It is important that fees won’t be a hindrance for you to use my services. I keep my professional fees as low as possible considering my level of expertise and experience and am always open to discussing payment. A payment plan may be an option. For example: for approx. $38 a week, it is possible to engage in a specially designed coaching programme for 6 months. There is also discount for multiple session purchase.

Professional Coaching and Counselling Services

Coaching and Counselling may be a one-off session or a series of sessions depending on what you are facing, what you need helo with, the questions to be answered, results to be achieved.

There are 3 tiers of fees which I provide for:
A. Private clients with more than average income, larger businesses. Services include prep and reporting.
B. Private clients with moderate income, established businesses. Services may include reporting as required.
C. Private clients with restricted income, small business owners.