My Philosophy

At the cutting edge of coaching, counselling and art-therapy.

The ALBA Academy states:

Leadership and coaching exceed, in our vision, the usually accepted premise. For us it is important that you can work to and including the level of fulfilment and identity, at the cutting edge of coaching, counselling, and (psycho) therapy.

My approach to coaching is based on this principle with the addition of art therapy. I gained my Post Graduate Diploma in Professional Coaching in 2006. I studied with the ALBA Academy. Prior, I offered Professional Supervision in the Human Services, having trained with Margaret Morrell at University of Canterbury and George Sweet of Relationship Services, as well as Counselling which I studied during my College Degree in Human Development, Childcare, Arts and Crafts. Over the years, while working as a manager and director, I further developed my psychological, social and pedagogic understanding with Process Psychology, Re-evaluation Counselling, Leadership Facilitation, Mediation, Alternatives to Violence, Trauma-informed Care, Montessori and Anthroposophy.

Numerous personal challenges including immigration and re-migration, divorce, abuse, hardship, single parenting without family to support, chronic illness, earthquakes and the death of a child have provided me with many lessons of Life and created a resilience and understanding which I otherwise would have lacked.

I have worked with middle managers, self-employed, not-employed (Winz), chronically ill, immigrants, seekers, administrative staff, directors, ceo’s, people dealing with abuse and people wanting to find their voice… to name but a few as well as coaching students in supervision.

People who use my services, need to want to make changes in their lives, be it professional, personal, for health or resilience. I offer a sounding board and a helping hand working out the next step, providing tools to reach goals, so challenges become stepping stones to a more fulfilling life.

Over the years I have been a member of Nobco, EMCC, ICF and am now a professional member the Australian New Zealand Coaching Alliance, ANZCAL and adhere to their Code of Conscience.

I am proud of my membership of the NZ Order of Merit for my years of involvement in the community and initiating and developing O.S.C.A.R.

*Leiderschap en coaching gaat in onze visie verder dan de gangbare opvatting. We vinden het belangrijk dat je als coach kunt

werken tot en met het niveau van zingeving en identiteit, op het grensvlak van coaching, counseling en (psycho)therapie.
Alba Academie the Netherlands.